Kittanning Free Methodist Church

KFMC building
We’re a family-friendly, relatively traditional church with a broad range of ages and stages of life.  We have a healthy group of seniors who continue to support the church and its ministries.  We have middle-aged individuals and couples who are raising their youth with a love for God.  We have younger couples and therefore a fair share of babies and young children! We also include a number of young adults.
We worship together every Sunday at 9:30 AM.  You should expect to join us in singing hymns, occasional children’s presentations, warm fellowship, and a relevant word from our pastor.  After worship, join us in our fellowship hall for good conversation, visiting, and a pleasant        array of refreshments!

Kindness is Catchy

God’s kindness leads to repentance!
God loved us while we were sinners!  Pretty amazing!  God loves sinners?  Yes!
As a church family, we’re trying to learn to love in the same way God loves!  
So, we’re going to be performing acts of kindness everywhere we go.  Simple things that will make God’s love practical:
Maybe we’ll let you in front of us in line.  Or maybe we’ll buy you a cold drink on a hot day.  Maybe we’ll buy your lunch!  Or wash your car for free!  Or give you a pack of gum!  Or maybe we’ll just be nice and talk to you!
We have no hidden agenda.  This isn’t a scheme to grow our church.  We should have been doing this all along!  But at least we’re getting it now.  We want to be loving – the way God is loving!  We hope to get out there and bless a lot of people!  We’re pretty convinced that this will make God happy – and that will, in turn, make us happy too!  
Come and join our CONSPIRACY OF KINDNESS!  We worship Sundays at 9:30 AM.